Several other things things Maarten is involved in


Maarten Schakel is chairman and one of the initiators of an annual volunteering project called the Curaçao Clean Up. Between 2500 and 3000 join on the streets of Curaçao to clean up the island, making Curaçao prettier and creating awareness against pollution on the island. The 4th edition of the Curaçao Clean Up will take place on Saturday 17 September 2016. More info on


Maarten Schakel as the face of your company or of an advertising campaign? In the past Maarten has been the face of a Digicel Summer Campaign together with Curaçao DJ Chris Strick. Also Maarten was the initiator of the Fit voor Fuikdag campaign, together with Body Beach Gym, aiming to be the first radio DJ on the island with a sixpack. For inquiries, please check the contact section.


It wasn't since Peter van der Pligt in 1992, that a Dutchman dared to get on the stage of the prestigious carnival song contest Festival di Tumba. Maarten did it, in 2014 with the song 'Stoba Di Tumba' written by 3-time-winner Farley Lourens and performed together with the band Wesu. Although Maarten lacks singing qualities and the song missed the finals by an inch, the song got immensly popular, earning Maarten lots of performances and radio airplay in the carnival period. Maarten remains forever baffled and grateful for the open arms of the Curaçao people during that time. Inquiries about tumba performances ONLY during carnival season.