Maarten Schakel doesn't like to pin himself to one specific style or genre. Having fun with the crowd - that's what it's all about! Maarten is one of the most complete DJ's in the game. As Curaçao is a schitzophrenic musical island - with influences from the Caribbean, Latin-America, the USA and the Netherlands, Maarten forced himself to master almost every genre. From an eclectic urban event to an allround party night to a serious house music event with over 3000 people - and even with the resources to get all hands up in the air during a classics party - Maarten has built up a fierce reputation - not too shy grabbing the mic either, with his radio background!



Kokomo Full Moon Parties (2012 - 2015 / house & allround)

Amnesia Music Festival (2012 - current / house & urban)

Su'Legria (2013 - 2014 / house)

Dolfijn FM Floatfest (2015 - 2016 / allround)

Fuikdag (2013 - current / house & urban)

Bermuda Caribbean Discotheque (5 year residency / allround)

The Alley Bar Lounge (2 year residency / urban)

Papagayo Beach Club (3 year residency / beach house)

Omundo (2 year residency / allround & classics)


Sorobon Masters, International Surfing Weekend (2015)

Coco Beach, Opening Weekend (2016)

Different bookings @ Little Havana, Jibe City, Karel's Beach Bar and others


Different bookings @ Confession Nightclub, Rembrandt Café and others


Hofman Greand Café Utrecht (2 year residency 2007-2008) and different other clubs, events & venues